12 January 2009

Yarn Review

Andey Originals

This is a review I wrote for Crochet Uncut, when I was working with the Marigold originally to make some crochet motif armwarmers... but decided they were too much work (I hate piecing things together) and ended up doing socks.

It feels like high quality cashmere even though she labels it as merino. Softer than Lorna’s Laces, another soft fingering weight that I like.

crochet friendliness
Wonderful! Unlike some yarns it does not untwist or twist more tightly as I crochet with it. Also, it retains a good level of softness even with single crochet.


I have been able to work with the same length of yarn, frogging at least 3-4 t
imes without having it start to look like frogged yarn.


The colorway is wonderful! All of the orange and yellow shades are incredibly vibrant and they blend well.
I would definitely still agree with all of this. Now that I've frogged even more to get to the socks, I would have an even greater respect for its durability, especially when you consider how soft it is.
Since then, I have also received her Purple Passion and Sorbet, sent to me through my mother. She's a pastel artist and wanted to keep them to look at even though she doesn't crochet, knit or weave because the colors are so vibrant.

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