12 January 2009

Marigold, Marigold

In honor of finishing my FIRST EVER SOCKS I deleted my old shoddy xanga account that is filled with pages of quizzes and irrelevant chatter from my college days.

So, on to my first completed pair of socks. I knit them toe up using the free Marigold Sock pattern on Ravelry, but I also used the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula from Knitty.com to determine fit. Through trying it on as I went I discovered that the length calculator wasn't accurate (at least for me) so I made them a bit shorter, but everything else worked out really well. I used this stretchy bind off.

The yarn I used was Andey Originals Sock Yarn in the Marigold colorway -- the line is hand dyed and hand painted by an indie dyer. The lace pattern on the Marigold socks was very simple to follow but pleasing to the eye and worked well with the colorway.


  1. WooHOO!! Welcome to blogspot! Love those socks. :)

  2. gorgeous socks! congrats! one of these days i'll get to knitting socks. i keep saying that.