20 April 2009


Well, I've been asked by one of my best friends from back in Ye Old Minneapolis to talk a bit about reality today. So, for any of you just re-tuning in on my life, here's the skinny.

Moving, moving, moving! I'm not going to get too detailed here lest I bore some of you to tears. So, my husband is in Law right? So, he has a Canadian education and can't practice in MN without going back to school, and he went and took the NYBar while we were still exploring our options. And passed. That's the basic background.

We left MN at the end of last August, went to NYC where he got sworn in and had a two week "vacation" while we explored housing options, since the times we had come out before everyone who was supposed to show us apartments canceled on us. After really not having any luck, since Will hadn't been working in the US long enough, we decided to fly up to Canada to visit family on the Canadian west coast.

Flew to Vancouver. Visited family. Drove to Salt Spring Island. Visited family. Drove to Squamish. Visited family. By this time Will has had an offer from a lawyer in Revelstoke (where his immediate family is building a house and moving too) to be an articling student. For those of you who don't know, Canadian law graduates have to do one year apprenticeships called their "articles" as well as passing the Canadian Bar before they can practice.

So, to make this shorter, we end up moving to Revelstoke. Then Will had to go down to Vancouver to do his PLTC and Canadian Bar Exam -- all of this takes 10 weeks -- starting in Feb. We have *just* moved back up to Rev. We are currently staying in the place we were before for 2 weeks until other people have moved out of where we will ultimately be living.

I have gotten so good at packing. REALLY looking forward to being settled finally in a few weeks. Hopefully won't be moving again before next spring.

In other news, (which you may realize if you've looked over my blog) I am an indie dyer! I am dyeing and selling yarn to keep myself busy up here. As well as doing hobby knitting/crocheting/beading and taking care of housewife-type things.