31 July 2009

August Drawing at Joy of Life

Every Skein Purchased is Another Chance to Win!

August Golden Birthday Drawing

$80 worth of Prizes!

This year I'll be turning 28 on the 28th of August -- my Golden Birthday. To celebrate this milestone, I am hosting a drawing at Joy of Life this month.

Every skein you purchase from August 1st - 31st will get your name in the drawing for one of 2 KIP bags by ruddawg pictured above in a summery peridot (modern birth stone) and carnelian (ancient birth stone in some cultures) print. Each bag will have a full skein of Joy of Life Cozy Toes
Superwash Sock (450 yards) and some other fun goodies for the fiberly inclined.

You may choose whether to enter the drawing for the KIP bag with warm tone contents or cool tone contents. Simply indicate "warm" or "cool" in your comments field when you place your order.

NOTE: If you buy multiple skeins I will allow you to split your chances to win between the two bags, but you can't win twice. If I happen to draw the same name for both bags I will allow the winner to choose which they would prefer - warm or cool. and then draw again for the other.

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