23 May 2009

Free Bead Pattern

I wanted to share this chart that I created recently for a square stitched Hello Kitty. I sewed mine onto a felted bookmark as a gift for a Hello Kitty enthusiast, but you could extend the red or repeat the chart top to bottom until it is long enough for a bookmark. Or you could extend the chart left to right until you have a good length for a cuff bracelet.

The color numbers refer to Miyuki seed beads (NOT Delicas). These are merely suggested colors -- the colors that I used. You can easily replace these with whatever your color preferences are. I do suggest that you stick with Japanese seed beads and not Czech though, as Czech tend to be more irregular in size and are therefore not as conducive to flat beadwork.

Here is a picture of my finished product:

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  1. Howdy!
    There is a blog award for you at http://mandibeads.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-award.html

    I love Hello Kitty! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us :)